Oftentimes immigrants are unable to apply for immigration relief because they have an existing removal or deportation order issued by an immigration judge.  Indeed, immigrants with removal or deportation orders will most likely have their relief applications denied because of the existing orders.  In such cases, an immigrant must try to have her immigration court case reopened in order to address the existing removal or deportation order.  This is done by filing a motion to reopen the case with the immigration court.

A motion to reopen must be well argued and contain significant and detailed evidence supporting the motion.  Indeed, reopening an immigration court case is not a simple matter of making a request before an immigration judge.  Rather, the immigrant must establish that a factual and legal basis exists for reopening her case, and the immigrant must also convince the judge that her case should be reopened.   For these reasons, it is highly recommended that a motion to reopen be prepared and filed by a qualified and experienced immigration attorney.

The attorneys of the Franco Law Group are available to discuss your case and to determine if a motion to reopen is required in your particular case.

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