For over ten years, FLG has brought dignity and integrity to the representation of immigrants! One client at a time, we provide stability, a sense of belonging and normalcy in the United States. Committed to excellence, our activist team fight every day for a more equitable society where immigrants’ contributions are being recognized and becoming an intricate and essential part of the American fabric.

At Franco Law Group, our mission is to be the finest immigration law firm in California by providing a powerful defense for immigrants that are unjustly marginalized and ensure they receive the dignified and excellent legal representation they deserve.


Attorney Franco opened the doors of the Franco Law Group on July 1, 2009. The firm’s first home was at the beautiful skyscraper the Gas Company Tower (fourth tallest building in downtown Los Angeles at the time). Although Attorney Franco started out by herself, in October of 2009, she hired her first paralegal and quickly grew to its current size. The Franco Law Group team consists of four attorneys, four paralegals, an office manager, a communications manager, legal assistants, finance representatives, receptionists and interns.

In 2012, Senior Managing Attorney Sergio Perez of the Franco Law Group opened the firm’s second office in San Diego, California. In 2013, Attorney Franco purchased a building in her hometown, East Los Angeles, where the firm’s third and now the main office is now located. Today the Franco Law Group has two locations in East Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Franco Law Group


Franco Law Group delivers elite professionalism and representation due to our highly qualified and talented team members. The women and men of FLG have demonstrated a commitment to excellence not only through professional preparation at first-class educational institutions but also by graduating at the top of their classes. FLG works hard to attract and recruit people who are devoted and passionate to the advocacy of the immigrant community.

We proudly seek out FLG members who are immigrants themselves or come from families of immigrants. All of us have a background in advocating for immigrants, either by our higher education focus, history of activism, and involvement in work, projects or volunteer positions that advance the rights of immigrants in this country.

Our staff is intrinsically aware of the everyday struggles of immigrants in the United States; they have a deep understanding of the haunting fears. This connection with the immigrant community allows our staff to build trusting relationships wherein clients feel comfortable sharing their stories and vulnerabilities, thus permitting us to capture the essence of their stories, which is key to winning their cases.


We, at Franco Law Group, know that high quality representation like ours is in high demand, and make an effort to ensure our prices are accessible to our clients as a result. We offer some of the lowest payment plans in California.
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