Mayra Enriquez is the vibrant and dedicated Welcoming Department Assistant and Receptionist at Franco Law Group. With her warm smile and professional demeanor, Mayra ensures that every client feels at ease and valued from the moment they step into our office. Her dedication to exceptional customer service and her passion for helping others are key to the welcoming atmosphere at Franco Law Group.

Mayra’s journey to Franco Law Group was driven by her desire to work in a field where she could make a meaningful impact. As the Welcoming Department Assistant and Receptionist, she is responsible for managing client appointments, maintaining the front office, and ensuring that all clients receive the highest level of service. Her attention to detail and ability to multitask contribute to the smooth operation of the firm.

Work Ethic and Team Spirit

Mayra is known for her strong work ethic and positive attitude. She believes in the importance of teamwork and is always willing to go above and beyond to help her colleagues and clients. Her approachable nature and genuine care for others make her a beloved member of the Franco Law Group team.

Looking Ahead

Mayra is committed to continuing her professional growth and finding new ways to enhance the client experience at Franco Law Group. She is passionate about learning and is always looking for opportunities to improve her skills. Mayra’s dedication to her role ensures that Franco Law Group remains a place where clients feel valued and supported.

Franco Law Group
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