Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is a form of immigration relief that gives temporary protection from removal to eligible immigrants from certain countries who cannot be repatriated due to ongoing armed conflicts, environmental disaster or other extraordinary and temporary conditions that exist in their countries of origin.  The U.S. government determines which countries qualify for TPS protection.  Further, because the bases for TPS protection are considered temporary, certain countries may be removed and new countries may be added to the list of TPS-qualifying nations.

Unfortunately, the administration of President Donald J. Trump has moved to eliminate nearly all previously qualifying nations from TPS protection.  As such, immigrants with past or current TPS status should consult with an immigration attorney to determine if their country’s TPS designation has been removed, and also to determine if they may be eligible for another form of immigration relief.

The attorneys of the Franco Law Group are available to assist you in determining the best course of action for you in light of the recent changes to TPS protection that have taken place.

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