A temporary non-immigrant visa permits a person to enter the United States for a specified time period and for a specified purpose.  There are currently 34 categories of non-immigrant visas, including those for athletes wishing to compete in the United States, business visitors (B-1),  tourists (B-2), diplomats, certain types of employees and students.

Each non-immigrant visa category has its own eligibility requirements and, thus, the application process is unique to each.  Further, as the name suggests, a temporary non-immigrant visa does not provide a path to permanent residence, or a “green card” (except in extremely limited circumstances, such as the U Visa for victims of certain crimes and the T Visa for victims of trafficking).

Prospective temporary visitors to the United States are advised to consult with an immigration attorney to determine which visa category is most appropriate to them, and to ensure that their applications include all the required information.

The attorneys of the Franco Law Group are available to discuss your prospective visit to the United States and the appropriate non-immigrant visa for which you should apply.

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