Lawful permanent residents, or “green card” holders, whose “green cards” have been lost or have expired must apply for a replacement or renewal of their “green card” with USCIS by filing Form I-90.  It is recommended that lawful permanent residents with valid cards apply for renewal at least six months before the card’s expiration.

With that said, applying for a replacement or renewal of a “green card” may not be a simple matter for some immigrants.  Indeed, an immigrant who has been arrested or convicted of a crime, either before  or after the last issuance of her “green card”, could be placed in removal proceedings before an immigration judge, depending on the specific facts of her case.  This is especially true under the enhanced immigration enforcement policies of the administration of President Donald J. Trump.  As such, in reviewing an application to renew or replace a “green card”, USCIS may consider an applicant’s past criminal history even though that history may pre-date the immigrant’s last “green card” issuance.

For these reasons, immigrants who need to renew or replace their “green cards” are encouraged to consult with an immigration attorney to assess what risks, if any, the immigrant may encounter and how to best be prepared to address the risks.  The attorneys of the Franco Law Group are available to assist with your “green card” renewal or replacement.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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