Emma Chaidez is a Legal Assistant at the Franco Law Group. She spent her childhood in Denver, Colorado with her family, and when she was 10 years old she moved to Los Angeles, California. Emma grew up surrounded by the immigrant community her whole life. She has witnessed not only the disadvantages they face daily, but most importantly, the determination they have for a brighter future. Emma has been lucky enough to experience firsthand the love and support of her immigrant parents, friends, colleagues, and classmates. Working at Franco Law Group has allowed her to give back to the community that has never turned its back on her. 

Emma graduated in 2020, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Spanish Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). During her time at UCSC, Emma interned at the Research Center for the Americas where she and her team investigated human rights violations happening in the Americas. During her internship, she realized she wanted to pursue a career where she could work with communities whose voices are constantly being silenced. At UCSC, she also interned as a Latin American and Latinx Cultural Studies intern because she strongly believes in the importance of understanding the cultural uniqueness of each Latin American country. 

Being a voice for the underrepresented is what motivates Emma to continue the important work she does every day at the Franco Law Group. In the future, Emma hopes to see a day where acquiring legal status is not a painful process for undocumented folks. She aspires to go to law school to become an attorney and continue her career serving marginalized communities.

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