Leslie Rodriguez

Leslie Carolina Rodriguez is the daughter of a Guatemalan mother and Salvadorian father. Leslie’s parents immigrated to the United States from their country of origins and are in the process of naturalization to become United States citizens. Leslie is currently twenty five years old and holds the position of Legal Assistant at the Franco Law Group. Leslie graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor in Political Science.

As an undergrad Leslie was interested in the history and politics of the Middle East and thus many of her classes focused on this region. In addition to her classes Leslie also conducted research through other means offered by LMU. Leslie was awarded with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program Fellowship to conduct a study on the factors which led up to the Egyptian Arab Spring and the significance this revolution would have amongst the international community. Leslie was also selected to be one of the leaders of a Center for Service Alternative Trip to Jordan. Leslie created an agenda and worked with professors to educate the group on the refugee crisis of various countries such as Palestine, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq. The group led by Leslie traveled to Jordan and experienced first-hand the daily endeavors refugees of these countries face in their journey to seek refuge.

Leslie attributes her interest in immigration to this trip because of the similarities she found in the stories of these refugees to that of immigrants from Latin American countries. Leslie believes that we are all humans and that it was not until race, religion, and wealth divided us that we stopped understanding that all humans are equal.