Cynthia Alcaraz

Cynthia Alcaraz is the Receptionist and Marketing Assistant of the Franco Law Group. She thrives to be the best she can be to make her parents proud. Her parents immigrated to this country from Mexico to provide their family with greater opportunities for success.  She has developed her great work ethic and passion for everything she does by following the example of her parents.

Cynthia received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University of Northridge. During her studies she grew interest in foreign affairs and political development in Latin America, Central America, Africa and Middle Eastern countries. She found that although everyone comes from different cultures and backgrounds we are all connected and have had similar life experiences. Througout her studies she realized she wanted to be a part of something bigger and to have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

During Cynthia’s last semester of college she was selected to participate in traveling to Washington, DC for an internship. She had the awesome opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill for the House of Representatives for a California Congressman. Through her internship she was able to attend briefings for staff members, draft memos, develop administrative skills and collaborated in projects and speeches. Living in D.C. allowed her to experience Congress first hand and the important role representatives and senators have in being the voice of the American people.

Ms. Alcaraz shares a passion for the immigrant community and believes this country is much greater when united. She strongly advocates for human rights, equality and the pursuit in happiness for everyone no matter what their origin may be.