Franco Law Group Recreates Logo and Branding Following Ongoing Shifts to U.S. Immigration Policy

On July 1st, 2018, Franco Law Group incorporated their new logo across their social media platforms, simultaneously launching their new company website. The redesigned logo represents the law firm’s foundation, values and evolution following the Trump administration’s war on immigrants.

“Our attorneys, staff, partners and stakeholders have had several interpretations of what this design visually showcases, which is what I believe makes it so appealing to our immigrant community” said Delia L. Franco, Founder of the Franco Law Group. “All of their interpretations have, in fact, aligned with what our brand represents.”

Attorney Franco explained that the logo is meant to exemplify the interweaving of beautifully rich cultures in our immigrant communities, detailed by the thread looping upon itself, and a sense of triumph, suggested by the color gold. In addition, she elaborated that when her mother arrived in the U.S., she worked as a seamstress, thus, the logo’s weaving nature serving as a metaphor for keeping families bound and connected, an essential fabric of what the US represents. Several other interpretations were received about the logo including a blooming flower, signifying a new beginning, waves, metaphorical for waves of immigration, and doves, a good omen associated with freedom.

Franco Law Group’s new website is nothing short of innovative, integrating an array of modern features that facilitate immediate communication to our office. These mechanisms serve in critical moments when clients may be detained. Being educated on their rights, benefits and alternatives as immigrants also remain a vital element to their safety and peace of mind, which is why FLG’s new website facilitates resource distribution and communication.

“We want the immigrant community to be educated on their rights, benefits and alternatives. We’ve been collaborating in the community for many years, watching our clients work hard for themselves and their children. These are dignified, community-oriented people, yet they remain a vulnerable population persecuted by crime, deportation and family separation.”

Located in East Los Angeles, Franco Law Group attracts populations all over California, and across the U.S. They are a team of immigration advocate attorneys that foster superb quality service, extremely high ethical standards and aggressive legal representation. Their resilience in winning cases for clients has earned them numerous positive reviews.

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