Britny Martinez

Britny Martinez is the current receptionist for Franco Law Group. Her father is from Mexico City and her mother’s family is from Carreras, Durango, Mexico. Her parents had her at a very young age and continuously worked hard to provide for their new family. Fortunately, they were able to receive help from her mother’s grandparents and as a result, Britny practically grew up with her grandparents from Durango. At a young age, Britny was fascinated by each of her family member’s immigration stories, perseverance, and determination to find better opportunities for their families.

Britny is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz and completed a double major in Politics and Latin American & Latino Studies. During her undergrad, she had the opportunity to study abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she was able to intern at Casa del Encuentro, a non-governmental organization that attempts to provide resources for women who are survivors of domestic/sexual abuse and bring awareness to the current femicide issue in Argentina. Studying abroad also led her to witness changes in immigration policy at both a national and international level by allowing her the possibility to research the similarities between the Trump and Macri administrations. This experience led her to want to continue working for the underrepresented.

Shortly afterward, Britny was able to pursue another internship in Washington, DC where she worked for the Law Office of Thomas Woodward, an immigration law firm that specializes in humanitarian relief. Through this experience, she had the privilege of being responsible for translating for clients and assisting attorneys prepare successful asylum cases. She is forever grateful for this opportunity as it led her to hear numerous of the client’s stories of perseverance and help them along their immigration journey.

During her time in Washington, DC she made the decision to begin pursuing a career in law to become an immigration attorney and be of service to the immigrant community. Britny was excited to have found Franco Law Group because of its commitment to fighting for their clients as if they were their very own family members. She started working with the team by participating in their Franco Law Group 2018 Internship Program. She has been able to increase her knowledge of immigration law and is happy to be working with a team that is determined to both learn from and overcome any challenge that the current administration may try to cast at them.