FLG Empowers Our Community


Franco Law Group engages its community through a myriad of channels in order to build a stronger relationship with the immigrant community, their family, friends and allies. These include internship opportunities, community outreach events, pro bono services and appearances in the press.

Community Outreach

FLG strives to empower our community by collaborating with non-profit, government and non-governmental organizations to disseminate accurate and up-to-date immigration information via their staff members and/or detailed workshops designed to protect immigrant rights and prevent notary fraud and unethical behavior of lawyers and non-lawyers attempting to take advantage of the immigrant community's vulnerabilities.

Internship Program

Dedicated to supporting education and amplifying advocacy, Franco Law Group has integrated the FLG Internship Program. In order to provide college students and graduates with a cohesive understanding of a reputable immigration law firm, the FLG Internship Program exposes the individual to various components and elements of immigration law, and allows them to manage their own cases with the supervision of an attorney. They will also be introduced to an array of tools used by attorneys, paralegals, financial administrators and marketing associates. Franco Law Group believes that by facilitating a pipeline of students to learn about immigration law, a growing number of these individuals will attend law school and return as immigration advocates and attorneys. Interested candidates may send their resume and cover letter to

Pro Bono Program

Committed to helping the most vulnerable immigrants, Franco Law Group has ran its Pro Bono Program for almost ten years, providing free legal services to the elderly, infirm, disabled and unaccompanied minors. Despite being a private law firm, as community members, we realize that immigrants who are elderly, infirm or children will not be able to afford an attorney and yet still need solid representation. In order to assist with this representation gap, year after year, our firm has devoted and reserved ten percent (10%) of FLG’s docket to helping this susceptible population free of charge.

Media Collaboration

Our Founder/CEO, Ms. Delia L. Franco, Esq. believes that the dissemination of accurate, up-to-date immigration news and warnings is imperative to protecting our immigrant community against the current negative political climate and thus participates in several news outlets. She has been featured in Univision, Telemundo, Azteca TV, amongst others to discuss ongoing political issues and concerns surrounding immigration in the United States. Please send any press inquiries or public comments to

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Continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring the success of these amazing women of City Club LA!

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Por favor, ayúdenos a compartir la historia de esta familia que está enfrentando la deportación. Es importante unirnos para ser la voz de aquellos que no pueden defenderse debido a su estatus migratorio.
Este joven con una enfermedad no muy común, está a punto de perder a sus padres dado a una orden de deportación que resulto de una solicitud de asilo que se sometió incorrectamente en el pasado.
La abogada Delia Lorena Franco de la oficina de abogados The Franco Law Group, APLC es entrevistada por el reportero de Noticias 62 José Luis Muñoz acerca de este caso.
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Noticias 62
En temas de inmigración, condenado a morir podría terminar un joven hispano que sufre de problemas endocrinos, si es que sus padres son deportados de este país. Es por eso que las autoridades recomiendan nunca dejar que un notario realice sus trámites migratorios, siempre hágalo en manos de un abogado de migración.
José Luis Muñoz nos informa.
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